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★★★★★ This practice is not cheap, but it is the best! Sr Antonini saved the life of my Aussie. Years later when my aggressive German shepherd, he compassionately helped me in ways few would. I cannot recommend enough. Come here for great vet care.Pastor Ryan T.Pastor Ryan T. ★★★★★ The vet was very knowledgeable and took great care of my dog’s injury.Anthony P.Anthony P. ★★★★★ Dr. O'Brien and the staff at Capitol Illini Vet Clinic in Chatham always make our cat, Olive, feel special. She's 16 now and the staff is so kind and caring with her. Olive is our family, and this is how she's treated at Capitol Illini. We wouldn't trust her care to anyone else.Emily C.Emily C. ★★★★★ Extremely friendly and courteous employees also very competent and knowledgeable. Highly recommend to anyoneSean B.Sean B. ★★★★★ Super easy to make appointments, everyone is so nice, and appointments are quick. Overall, probably the best vet place in the area.Melodie B.Melodie B. ★★★★★ We brought our llewellen setter to our vet (a 9 1/2 yo) for a blown CCL (ACL in people). Tricky expensive surgery to permanently restabilize the knee. Dr. Christina Holbrook was recommended as the best regional surgeon for the procedure (and our vet is no slouch either). Took the recommendation and never looked back. A caring and competent surgeon.Kent W.Kent W. ★★★★★ Capitol Illini Chatham is great. The staff is helpful and pleasant. Dr O'Brien takes wonderful care of my Flat-Coated Retrievers.Kathleen S.Kathleen S. ★★★★★ The staff and doctor are very professional and friendly. The office is very clean.Emily P.Emily P. ★★★★★ The entire team always takes great care of my dog when he is in for an appointment. All my questions and concerns are addressed completely before the end of the appointment. I know Tank is always getting the best care possible when we are there.Rebecca V.Rebecca V. ★★★★★ I have taken my 2 kittens here twice. They came from a shelter and are not huge fans of getting in a carrier, let alone going to the vet. Everyone from reception, to vet techs, to the veterinarian are such kind people. My kitties have done great each time we’ve come. Everyone is so sweet and patient with them. You can tell these people really care about your pets, and that they will be in good hands. I attached a picture of my kittens because they’re too cute not to 😄Breah B.Breah B. ★★★★★ Caring vetsIngrid L.Ingrid L. ★★★★★ Just wanted to thank everyone for all you've done in taking care of Willow, my 6 yr old female German Shepherd. The care you've given her is above and beyond. Thank you for being patient & kind with her & instilling confidence in me that she is in good hands! You have my trust.Jeannine W.Jeannine W. ★★★★★ While I moved away from Illinois in Fall 2019, Dr McCall was our Vet to many of our fur babies. He is a wonderful and knowledgeable vet and I will never forget his kindness, compassion and support when my fur babies needed help to cross to Rainbow Bridge. I have yet to find a vet of his caliber here in Florida.Marie M.Marie M. ★★★★★ Fast friendly caring service!Val F.Val F. ★★★★★ Very happy with the Capitol Illini providers & staff. I would like to specifically mention Erin who makes every phone call or visit exceptional. Erin provides excellent customer service and is very professional even in stressful situations. Thank you Capitol Illini & Erin!Jennie C.Jennie C. ★★★★★ Absolutely wonderfulCindy B.Cindy B. ★★★★★ They have been taking care of my animals for almost a decade. Dr. Antonini has been our primary and favorite but we have seen most of the vets here at some point or another and they were all excellent. Never rushed, and the billing seems fair. Faculty is always clean, decorated and comfortable. I've never had a hard time getting an appointment or having them fill prescriptions.Cheyenne B.Cheyenne B. ★★★★★ Capitol Illini is the Best! .. I have a 13 year old dog who needed to be seen and as usual I encountered very knowledgeable, caring staff. I am so glad I chose them! I would highly recommend them!Lynn R.Lynn R. ★★★★★ Made my nervous/shy dog feel very welcome. They were very quick and treated my dog amazingly!Caitlynn L.Caitlynn L. ★★★★★ Super friendly and smart about figuring out what is going on with my dog. They talk in easy-to-understand language and discuss options, so I feel like we are all part of a team working together to get the best care for my fur baby.Linda W.Linda W. ★★★★★ Dr. Ball has been so helpful with my sick kitty. She is amazing at communicating what she is doing, what tests they are going to run, and what these tests are looking for. I am a new pet owner so I both have a lot of questions and also don't know what's going on. But she always explains her clinical reasoning to me and has been so accommodating with all my questions. I feel like she is accessible when I reach out and the front desk staff have been so sweet and helpful. My experience at Capitol Illini Vet has been super positive and I trust that my cat Muscles is in great hands.Yiyi M.Yiyi M. ★★★★★ Excellent first visit for my three pups. We got in quickly and the doctor spent so much time with us. My dogs have complex histories and everything was addressed very thoroughly. The doctor even followed up with more information via email!Tabatha W.Tabatha W. ★★★★★ Our Anatolian had knee surgery and everything from start to finish was great. The staff from terrific as well has Dr. Holbrook. Highly recommend.J H.J H. ★★★★★ Dr Fields and the rest of the staff acted very quickly when we brought our dog in and they all went above and beyond to comfort him as well as to find out what was wrong with him. We'd been told something completely different by another vet which left him progressively worse and worse. Turns out he'd had an infection that we were unaware of and we would've lost him had we not brought him in to Capitol Illini when we did. Thank you all for saving Shadow's life and giving all of us the gift of a happy future with him!Erica H.Erica H. ★★★★★ Dr. Ball and staff have been wonderful assisting us with our newly adopted puppy!Tracy C.Tracy C. ★★★★★ It was a very professional experience. My pet was treated promptly and they were very honest about what needed to be done.Jeff C.Jeff C. ★★★★★ I can't say enough about the positive experience we had at Capitol Illini Veterinary in Chatham! In the past two weeks, our dog, Finn was very ill with a condition that is fairly rare and as we transported him back and forth from the emergency clinic (at night) to Chatham in the day, it was the doctors at the Chatham Clinic that figured out what as going on and what kind of treatment Finn needed. They took it on themselves to contact colleagues at the U of I to be sure that he was getting the best treatment possible!During the whole ordeal the staff at the Capitol Illini Veterinary Clinic, were encouraging and professional with my husband and I, making many phone calls to us and answering our questions as honestly as they could.Even though Finn was sick and dealing with treatments, IVs and sitting in a cage for ten days, he was always happy to go there to see the staff, his "new buddies"! The staff took such great care of him!Finn will be in treatment probably for the rest of his life and we are happy that the professionals at Capitol Illini Veterinary Clinic in Chatham we be there with him, and us.Libby TennikaitElizabeth T.Elizabeth T. ★★★★★ All of the staff at Capitol Illini in Chatham are always extremely courteous and professional. The small facility is clean and pleasant. I trust Dr. O'Brien's expertise in caring for my two little dogs.David L.David L. ★★★★★ Great. Dr Ball walked me through my pets trouble. The staff was very helpful tooMike L.Mike L. ★★★★★ Dr. Heidi Brit-Sherrock, if I could give her 10 stars, it wouldn't be enough! Both of my dogs are rescues with trauma I am unaware of. My heart dog sees everyone as a threat, and has been refused by several vets, but not her! She knows no fear, and although he may never love her, he at least tolerates her. As for me I love her!Michaele B.Michaele B. ★★★★★ Tom and I both like the vets here and the entire staff is so helpful.Beth B.Beth B. ★★★★★ The staff always connects with the pets, mine and others, I see during our visits. They genuinely care about the health of the pets.Sunil S.Sunil S. ★★★★★ They always treat my cats and myself with respect and like we are family. If I have questions they answer them.Michelle C.Michelle C. ★★★★★ Dr. Holbrook is very attentive and loves my pets to death! I wouldn't think of going to any other vet! My pups are always happy to see the vet, especially when it's her.Hazel A.Hazel A. ★★★★★ If you need a cat whisperer. This is your vet clinic.Casey G.Casey G. ★★★★★ Dr. Antonnini and Dr. Holbrook are so caring and take their time with my precious Mia.Melanie T.Melanie T. ★★★★★ The care provided to our family during the last weeks of our faithful companion’s life was so profoundly touching and professional. They provided fantastic care for her throughout her 17 1/2 yrs and helped her cross the rainbow bridge with dignity and love when she was no longer able to remain with us. I would recommend this office and Dr. O’Brien to everyone who is seeking quality care for their pets.Vicki M.Vicki M. ★★★★★ Very caring office. Great communication and service. Originally thought our dog would need cruciate ligament repair and not looking forward to the recovery period because she is a large dog and super active. However, Dr. Holbrook took another look at the dog's gait before the surgery and decided that the surgery results probably wouldn't be better than allowing it to heal as is. We appreciated the honesty and change of thought about this. The dog is doing great with a monthly injection and is quite active despite the problem. Would highly recommend this office!!Cheryl A.Cheryl A. ★★★★★ Brother likes his Dogtor.Stephanie E.Stephanie E. ★★★★★ My 6 dogs all see Dr Holbrook at Capitol Illini in Springfield, and there are not enough words to describe how wonderful she is as a veterinarian and how boundless her compassion is. Everyone at the clinic is outstanding and they always go the extra mile to make sure everything is right.Nancy C.Nancy C. ★★★★★ Dr Holbrook takes the very best care of my dogs!! Cares for them as if they were her own!Susan Z.Susan Z. ★★★★★ I couldn't be more pleased with the care! 10/5... more than understanding of problem animals and ready to actually helpMatt E.Matt E. ★★★★★ Outstanding service, outstanding staffCraig N.Craig N. ★★★★★ When my wife and I moved from a small town to Springfield, finding a vet for our black lab mix was at the top of our to-do list. This place is MORE than I expected it to be. The staff are WONDERFUL! Our dog hates the vet and has anxiety issues to the point where we normally have to have her sedated. The staff were able to work with us to help us help her and we couldn’t be anymore grateful! It sucks that veterinary offices (anywhere you go) don’t have many options for payment plans but we are grateful for the detailed love and care given to our dog.P.S. I have also brought my dwarf hamster here to be seen and that was also a good experience (not many vets in the area will take “exotic” animals aka any animal that isn’t a dog or cat).Sabrina D.Sabrina D. ★★★★★ The staff and doctors here are wonderful and showed genuine compassion towards my cat. Dr. McCall and Dr. Antonnini did everything they could be done for our boy and when the time came to let him go they made a very difficult experience as painless as possible for my cat and myself. I'm very grateful for their patience and persistence in helping us, even if it didn't go how I wish it would have. I would recommend them without hesitation.Joe J.Joe J. ★★★★★ My boy Moo had an episode Dec 16, 2021 where he almost passed. He had underlying heart disease and was moving into heart failure. Dr.Holbrook has given so much of her time and love to care for Morris. I wanted to leave this review because it is Nov 22, 2022 and I just got off the phone with Dr.Holbrook to develop a new plan for Moos meds. She is truly a wonderful vet and I can’t say enough good things about them.Moo ended up passed Nov 25, 2022. He was so sick. When my fiancé and I decided to put him down, the whole team was so kind. Our vet was crying, some of the vet techs said goodbye. We received his paw prints and hair in the mail with a sweet card.We now have a beagle and Dr.Holbrook will care for him as well because I’ll never go to another vet.Baylee C.Baylee C. ★★★★★ My dog loves theses guy's 😃 so do l they are really great with my baby and l appreciate that.RHEBA DRHEBA D ★★★★★ I found compassionate, capable care here for my senior cat with Doc Sherrock and staff. Thorough exam and tests were conducted and I was provided with clearly defined decision points, helping give me confidence for walking with my Izzy through this, his ninth life.Joyce H.Joyce H. ★★★★★ I have been bringing my fur babies to them for years, to me they are perfect. Have never had a problem very friendly and always helpful.Lisa H.Lisa H. ★★★★★ They care about you and your pet. Very caring vet also the same about there Chatham office too.Penny H.Penny H. ★★★★★ We've been taking our dogs to see Dr. Holbrook since 2011, and she's absolutely amazing! Our family can't recommend her enough! We had previous experiences with other vet offices that couldn't figure out our dog's issues, but Dr. Holbrook figured out the issues, and provided successful treatment plans. Not only is Dr. Holbrook amazing with our dogs, she's also great at communicating and explaining to us what we need to know.Capital Illini is more expensive than other veterinary offices, but you do get what you pay for, and they do except CareCredit which is a huge plus!Dr. Holbrook and Capital Illini has gone above and beyond for our dogs on several occasions. We can't thank them enough for all they do for us!!John K.John K. ★★★★★ Very kind, knowledgeable and professional. They are wonderful with animals and try to help anyway they can.Sally W.Sally W. ★★★★★ My dog Coco got sick during Covid. She was diagnosed with a liver shunt and started on medication and special food. She is doing great. The providers and staff were so great and continue to be when we go in. The last 2 years have been hard enough. So grateful Capital has been helping keep Coco healthy. Thank you.Patricia D.Patricia D. ★★★★★ Dr. McCall and staff are the best!Tamatha B.Tamatha B. ★★★★★ Super nice palace they really care and love all the pets they work with.Melissa F.Melissa F. ★★★★★ Took my cat Simon in for sneezing and congestion. They got him in that very day I called. Nice location, very clean office. Staff are nice and friendly, the vet is very informative and gentle. Plus, they have an office helper kitty and that's a plus in my book.Leslie H.Leslie H. ★★★★★ ExcellentJeanne R.Jeanne R. ★★★★★ Friendly staff with whom I've always trusted our most precious four-legged family membersClayton B.Clayton B. ★★★★★ The best veterinary practice for cats that I have been to yet.Sarah L.Sarah L. ★★★★★ GrrrrrateJoshua P.Joshua P. ★★★★★ Huge thank you to Dr. Ball for going above and beyond, taking radiographs and finding bronchitis in my 12 year old dog.Dr. Ball is informative and patient. Her calming and caring personality really helped with my pup who has high anxiety, making the appointment easier.Breanna F.Breanna F. ★★★★★ After our vet semi-retired, I knew it was inevitable that we would have to find a new place for our cats. Dr. Antonini has been wonderful so far and seems to take the care to make sure issues get the attention I’d like. I’m glad I found this clinic. Despite my initial hesitancy, my cat already seems to be doing better based on a recommendation he made. I look forward to bringing our other cats here as well!S CS C ★★★★★ Thank you Dr. Antonini and staff for Skylars excellent care, even on our hardest "final" visit. Professional, polite and caring staff.Jane H.Jane H. ★★★★★ I want to let the Chatham Staff and of course our animal lover; Dr. McCall; that I love them all and that over these many many years with you all and my wonderful retired Dr. Dunphy from Illini; you are like best friends to me. My recent Dental procedure with my little Finn and Dr. McCall was something I was fearing. Extremely......Cost....Safety.....Recovery.....Lasting effects of the loss of so many teeth.....and now I can say that the help Dr. gave me and how he loves all of our pets as his own was and is the best experience. Finn did not skip a single beat. Really!!! Thank you is not enough. But THANK YOU. And can not forget Macala. (Sure that is not how she spells it) but she will have to forgive me....She is wonderful. She held and loved my Xena the day her life ended and I was so grateful to her. If you are pondering on if you should go to Capitol Illini; the answer is YES. And remember you get what you pay for....so a cheap Veterinarian is not always best. Not when it comes to family to which my animals are to me. I may not have mentioned other staff by name but none of them have ever let me or my family down. THE BEST.Carla O.Carla O. ★★★★★ I was able to get a quick grooming appointment with a fantastic groomer. The front desk staff was kind and friendly while setting up the appointment, and even gave me a call back after getting all of my information from my other vet out of state.Walter L.Walter L. ★★★★★ Always a positive experience, Friendly, helpful staff..we love Dr. Holbrook 💕Jacquie B.Jacquie B. ★★★★★ Our cat was sick and being new to the area we didn't have a regular vet. This clinic was great to work with us to get an appointment and check up. We will be coming back to make this clinic our regular vet.Jeff T.Jeff T. ★★★★★ The veterinarians are superb. They listen, answer our questions and take care of our golden doodle like it’s their own pet. The staff is excellent in getting us an appointment that works with our schedule. We have been taking our dog there for 6 years and he loves it too !stacey G.stacey G. ★★★★★ Everyone is involved with my dogs care....Bravo!!Susan L.Susan L. ★★★★★ Always a great place. Staff and vets are great kind people. We are dealing with cancer in our Corgi. He was rescued ,but I believe he rescued us. We are spoiling him .John K.John K. ★★★★★ Fast and friendly.troy V.troy V. ★★★★★ I love Capitol Illini. Dr Holbrook is excellent very sharp and caring. The staff is always friendly and willing to go the extra step. 💙💙kristen S.kristen S. ★★★★★ Great vet great customerRobert L.Robert L. ★★★★★ Have been going there for over 40 years.Jack P.Jack P. ★★★★★ Very friendly and caring staffAngela W.Angela W. ★★★★★ Capitol Illini and Dr. Holbrook are the best place in Springfield to take your fur baby.TomTom ★★★★★ Great with our dogs and very responsive to questions. Highly recommend!Nancy E.Nancy E. ★★★★★ We love the care and treatment they give to our animals. They are attentive to their needs and very compassionate with them. The quality of service and care is exceptional!Karen R.Karen R. ★★★★★ My dog is never nervous about going here.Stacey Van B.Stacey Van B. ★★★★★ Always excellent service and care. I’d never go elsewhere.T LT L ★★★★★ I had my fur baby seen due to a corneal ulcer, and was able to get her seen, they was caring and very helpful answering my questions, I would recommend them to anyone needing a vetCathy Lyons A.Cathy Lyons A. ★★★★★ Took great care of our 18year old kitty with multiple medical issuesDawn S.Dawn S. ★★★★★ Great vets and staff!Annie M.Annie M. ★★★★★ We have gone there since 2005 and the vet doctors there are top notch, Dr. Armour and Dr. Holbrook. We had to say goodbye to our dog Toby after almost 18 years. They were very supportive and let us take our time. Also they will go above and beyond to figure out what is wrong with your pet. Highly recommend going thereJason C.Jason C. ★★★★★ Great experience!Andrea M.Andrea M. ★★★★★ Check in was easy, everyone involved was super nice, knowledgeable & helpful.Dave B.Dave B. ★★★★★ The gentle care and attention my cat and I experience here is the absolute best we could ask for.Everyone who works here understands that a cats visit is usually stressful and they help move the visit along when requested-addressing any issues we may not notice.Thank you to everyone at Capitol Illini in Chatham!!!Steve and Alley ❤️Steve S.Steve S. ★★★★★ Great staff that really cares.James F.James F. ★★★★★ All associates at Capital Illini treat each pet like they were their own from the front desk to the office to the technicians and of course the doctors!Mary D.Mary D. ★★★★★ Amazing staff and very professionalTake time to explain everything and make you feel like familyI applaud you guys with how you handle your bussinessDevyn E.Devyn E. ★★★★★ I love the Vet and the staff at Capitol Illini, they are so loving to you and your fur baby. They are respectful of cost and attentive to making sure your pet is well taken care of and you walk away with the knowledge you need if they have an illness. They personal attention is much appreciated,Rebecca K.Rebecca K. ★★★★★ We have a 4lb yorkie who is 17 months old. Our veterinarian who is very skilled and qualified, was not comfortable spaying such a small dog. (She personally reached out and spoke with Dr. Christina Holbrook who is her friend.) We had a consultation with Dr. Holbrook and the surgery was scheduled. Unfortunately our girl fell into the 2% category who had a reaction to the anesthesia and the procedure was aborted. Dr. Holbrook spoke with us and advised that she would do some research to find a different drug cocktail which would possibly be better suited to our dogs’ system needs. Surgery was then rescheduled for July. The procedure went perfectly and our little girl came thru with flying colors. Dr. Holbrook was very attentive to our concerns and personally reached out to us the day of the unsuccessful attempt and again after the successful surgery. (She also personally phoned and responded to a couple questions we had prior to the day of surgery.) The vet techs who readied our dog each time were assuring and we felt she was in great hands. The office staff are patient and professional and all of them work to provide quality care. Although we will be returning to our vet for her routine care, we would not hesitate to utilize this clinic in the future should our circumstances change. We HIGHLY recommend Dr. Christina Holbrook and thank her and all of her staff for taking such wonderful care of our baby.Cindy K.Cindy K. ★★★★★ All of my interactions with Capitol Illini in Chatham have been professional, caring, and empathetic. The entire staff is welcoming and knowledgeable. I know my puppy is getting the best care around when I take her in for appointments.Meghan G.Meghan G. ★★★★★ Penny and I LOVE Dr. Marth Armour at Capitol Illini! She is very thorough when explaining Penny's condition and treatment plans. The staff is great - they all care about my pet like she was their own.Denise P.Denise P. ★★★★★ Very compassionate & thorough vets,& vet techs/assistants-gives complete explanations & answers all questions, remember pets & any health issues from previous visits Reception desk/office staff very helpful & professional. Always flexible to schedule appointments & ensure pet is seen when has an acute health issue needing prompt care All kind to pets & “pet parents”Ben G.Ben G. ★★★★★ Capitol Illini and Dr. Christina Holbrook are some of the best!! The care Brooklyn received before, during and after her surgery from Dr. Holbrook and her staff, I can’t thank them enough!! Dr. Holbrook was so wonderful, besides being a top notch vet. she is also so caring and compassionate, she made me feel at ease even in such a tough situation. Thank you again to Dr. Holbrook and her staff!!Rachelle K.Rachelle K. ★★★★★ We recently moved to Springfield from Texas and needed to establish a new vet. If you've had pets for a while, you know this is as traumatic as finding a new doctor for yourself! Dr. Holbrook and Capitol Illini were highly recommended by a colleague. They were phenomenal. We have 2 senior dogs - one who is very shy and one who is very loud. They handled them both with love and care and put everyone (including the nervous fur mama) at ease. I would recommend them to anyone.Pamela D.Pamela D. ★★★★★ Our two Oversized dogs (Male Rottweiler and Female Bernese Mountain Dog) are welcomed like the loving dogs they can be. I feel that they receive personalized care. I do NOT feel financially exploited. They receive Excellent quality Vet services with loving and well trained employees.Virginia S.Virginia S. ★★★★★ We called Capital Illini in Chatham for an emergency for our dog. Our regular vet was unexpectedly closed, and our dog was very sick. They got him seen immediately, and they saved his life. In addition, the communication between the vet, staff and our family was above and beyond thorough and helpful. They were professional, timely, and empathetic. Thank you so much for saving our dog.Shelly P.Shelly P. ★★★★★ Capital Illini has been a part of my furry family for quit sometime. They make you feel comfortable, they are caring and compassionate. The workers always bring a smile to my face no matter the visit. Check them out!Sarah V.Sarah V. ★★★★★ Chatham Capitol Illini is the Best vet doc and staff/office period.Kind, compassionate and very patient.Never a bad experience or complaint.Consistent, high quality care over the decades.Also the cleanest facility you could ask for.Paul O.Paul O. ★★★★★ The staff is amazing. The process to get monthly med pick up is great and quick!!Brittani K.Brittani K. ★★★★★ New in town and with a suddenly VERY sick 12 year old poodle, they got me in on the same day and provided excellent care for a fairly serious infection. They even called in the following days to ensure that Porter was on the road to recovery. They definitely took care of my pup like he was theirs, and I am grateful.Meg N.Meg N. ★★★★★ Really not one visit in particular, just an all around review. This is where we take our Thor. They are friendly, genuinely care about their clients, and will be there for you / furbaby when needed. As much as they can. They do their best to accommodate schedules and Thor lets them cut his nails, but won't let me. LOL I have to ask them to teach me, I think.Third B.Third B. ★★★★★ Able to get us in immediately after our puppy ate something harmful. Pup is doing great thanks to them!J W.J W. ★★★★★ Dr. Antonini is wonderful. He talked to me about my elderly cat's issues in a manner I could understand and laid out the options going forward. He's also kind.Mary Beth S.Mary Beth S. ★★★★★ Very great service! So glad we took our puppy here!Amanda S.Amanda S. ★★★★★ Very friendly.Tom B.Tom B. ★★★★★ We always have had a great experience when bringing our fur-baby into Capitol Illini. Even during these uncertain times where accessibility is a complication, Capitol Illini is continuing to demonstrate reliability and care.Amanda W.Amanda W. ★★★★★ Dr McCall and his staff provided specatular service for our dog, Olive==even thru the Coronaviris time. She desperately needed a growth on her eye lid removed, but she is pretty old, - Dr McCall had her minor procedure done and back to our car in less than 45 minutes. Olive has been going to see Dr McCall at Capitol Illini in Chatham since she was just a baby pup. We feel like family when we are there! Thank youPatty B.Patty B. ★★★★★ Friendly staff, great doctors. Thank you!MJ R.MJ R. ★★★★★ I can’t think of anyway that my visit could have been better.Capital Illini is always there when I need them. Everyone is always so nice.I really appreciate everything you have done for me and my fur babies.Deb R.Deb R. ★★★★★ Wonderful place. I especially value the professional manner of everyone and having my all my questions answered. I can tell each patient matters.Nancy B.Nancy B. ★★★★☆ Great service, friendly staff..Jacquie B.Jacquie B. ★★★★☆ Great placeVernale R.Vernale R. ★★★★☆ Clean, timely, attentive & professional .Sarah S.Sarah S. ★★★★☆ Buena atención.Liss S.Liss S. ★★★★☆ Buena atención por parte de los recepcionistas y veterinariosLiss S.Liss S. ★★★★☆ Super service and care for our pet.Clark G.Clark G. ★★★★☆ The vets are very good with your pet. You can always get an appointment usually the same day.Rosie F.Rosie F.js_loader

Capitol Illini Veterinary Services Springfield and Chatham, IL

Capitol Illini Veterinary Services is where pets get healthy and where people stay happy. As one of the larger veterinary practices in central Illinois, we provide high-quality medical care for cats and dogs.

We manage two full-service animal hospitals in Springfield and Chatham, offering excellent standard of care at each location. Our friendly team works as a cohesive unit and each of our doctors focuses on a specific niche of pet medicine. Our goal is to give your pet access to the best diagnosis and treatment options possible.

Capitol Illini Veterinary Services in Chatham is proud to serve the cities of Springfield, IL, Chatham, IL, Auburn, IL, New Berlin, IL, Girard, IL, Virden, IL, Loami, IL, Rochester, IL, Pawnee, IL, Riverton, IL and more!

Capital Illini Veterinary Services in Springfield is proud to serve the cities of Springfield, IL and more!


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