Senior Pet Wellness in Springfield and Chatham, IL

Senior Wellness

In addition to the above vaccinations we also provide annual physical exams and an Adult Preventive Profile including blood counts, chemistry panels, heartworm testing, and intestinal parasite screening. We also review nutrition and weight management and answer any questions you have about maintaining a healthy lifestyle for your pet.

Senior Pet Wellness in Springfield and Chatham, IL

Your pet is considered a senior when they reach 7 years of age. Senior pets have special needs and should come in for a wellness check at least twice a year. At Capitol Illini, we offer full physical exams for aging pets as well as a Senior Preventive Profile that includes urinalysis and thyroid hormone screening. We also talk about what to do if you notice any changes in your senior pet’s appetite or behavior.

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To schedule a wellness exam for your senior pet, call us at (217) 546‑1541.