pet treatment and therapy in in Springfield and Chatham, IL

Comprehensive Veterinary Treatment and Therapy

At Capitol Illini, we work hard to provide comprehensive and compassionate pet treatment and therapy. Our goal is to offer the highest standard of care and build lasting relationships with our pet families based on mutual trust and respect.

Comprehensive Pet Care in Springfield and Chatham, IL

In addition to a wide variety of advanced veterinary medical services, we also offer the following pet treatment and therapy options:

  • Laser Therapy– a non-invasive, pain-free, surgery-free, and drug-free treatment that helps reduce pain and inflammation. Laser therapy has no side effects, and uses light energy to activate a nature biological response that stimulates your pet’s body to heal itself. At Capitol Illini, we use laser therapy to treat post-surgical pain and acute/chronic medical conditions such as fractures, wounds, and arthritis.
  • Allergy/Dermatology–We offer pet dermatology treatment for skin disorders, hair loss, allergies, ear infections, and more. If your pet has itchy skin, runny eyes, or is constantly scratching, these symptoms could be due to allergies or problems with their immune system. Bring your pet to Capitol Illini Veterinary Services for a full dermatology and allergy checkup.
  • Gastroenterology–If you notice your pet is suffering from diarrhea, vomiting, or loss of appetite, they may have a gastrointestinal disorder. Gastrointestinal conditions include pancreatitis and inflammatory bowel disease, so make sure you bring your pet in for an exam so our doctors can quickly diagnose any medical problems.
  • Geriatric Care – Twice yearly wellness checks allows our veterinarians monitor your senior pet’s special needs. Our Senior Preventive Profile includes unrinalysis and thyroid screening.
  • Urology–Our veterinarians have extensive expertise in treating pets with urological conditions, e.g., bladder stones, urinary incontinence, and kidney failure. Bring your pet in for an exam if you notice any urinary problems.

Capitol Illini Veterinary Service also offers treatment for endocrine disorders, canine and feline reproduction, and weight loss/weight management.

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