certified cat care in Springfield and Chatham, IL

Cat Friendly Certified Care

Capitol Illini is Cat Friendly Certified

At Capitol Illini, we understand that cats are special and that’s why we provide certified cat care in Springfield and Chatham, IL. We are a Cat Friendly Practice®, which means we go above and beyond to provide a calm, cat-oriented space to help reduce stress associated with veterinary visits.

We know that a trip to the vet can be tough on your feline friend. Our Cat Friendly Practice® certification ensures that you and your cat receive knowledgeable and compassionate care from a team that is continually trained in feline medical care. We understand how cats communicate and behave, and we’ve learned how to recognize early signs of illness or anxiety and provide a higher standard of care to keep your cat happy and healthy throughout their life.

Think of Capitol Illini as your cat’s second home. We’ve taken extra steps to create a calm space and provide an elevated level of service for all our feline families.

  • Cat friendly exam and treatment rooms
  • State-of-the-art medical equipment
  • Highly trained staff experienced in feline care.

All our efforts are focused on making sure your cat gets high-quality veterinary care in a comfortable, cat friendly environment. It’s just one of the many things we do at Capitol Illini to provide excellent customer service for all our pet families.

We also offer wellness and preventive veterinary care for kittens and senior cats.

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